Event Updates

  • 19-21 April 2016, Warmly welcome to Neelam Global Pvt. Ltd @ Booth 1C08- Cairo International conventional Centre, (CICC) Cairo, EGYPT.

  • 27-29 April 2016 Warmly welcome to NGPL Paper Pack @ Booth B-23A- Pharma Pro&Pack Expo 2016 Mumbai Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, INDIA.

  • 9- 10 November 2016, Warmly welcome to NGPL Paper Pack @ Meghreb Pharma Expo 2016.

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Why Us?

Today with a myriad of suppliers and technologies available- every organization needs to differentiate itself from the competition - the relevant thought process we always emphasize our employees having is to think from the customer’s perspective and to keep reinventing themselves by questioning WHY US?

  • Robust portfolio of domestic and international customers.
  • Impressive service record for quality standards and on time delivery.
  • Young workforce striving to learn and innovate to provide the best value to the customer.
  • Factory design as per GMP standards.
  • Manufacturing carried out in a controlled environment with effective Air Handling Units to ensure complete insect and dust free environment - as per the stringent requirements of primary packaging materials.
  • Optimized work processes guided by advanced ERP systems.
  • Large production capacity backed by highly sophisticated machineries.
  • Logistical advantage in terms of location that can cater with ease to both domestic and international clients.
  • Aesthetic and technological support for overt and covert anti-counterfeit features for product security.

From inception - we have insisted on having the best technology in terms of both production and aiding our processes. We have optimized inventory, production and delivery management effectively by having equipped ERP systems. Our processes are designed to revolve around the understanding of the quality standards approved by the FDA and stringent demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Our young energetic workforce is always looking at new products, technologies and striving to achieve the efficiency in every process that successfully maintains and supports client portfolio of pharmaceutical multinationals.