Event Updates

  • 19-21 April 2016, Warmly welcome to Neelam Global Pvt. Ltd @ Booth 1C08- Cairo International conventional Centre, (CICC) Cairo, EGYPT.

  • 27-29 April 2016 Warmly welcome to NGPL Paper Pack @ Booth B-23A- Pharma Pro&Pack Expo 2016 Mumbai Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, INDIA.

  • 9- 10 November 2016, Warmly welcome to NGPL Paper Pack @ Meghreb Pharma Expo 2016.




Our creative team is always working to give suggestions in enhancing the Aesthetic value of the product through artwork design support.

Brand Positioning

We understand the importance of positioning the brand of our customers for their OTS / OTC products – and are always ready to suggest enhancements whilst ensuring consistency in quality and supply for maintaining the brand image.

New technology

Regular research and developments in ink formulation has widened up our horizon for different experiments with printing inks and processes. Our team is thriving upon the usage of Low VOC inks, water based inks to make this world greener.

Precautions against Counterfeits

We offer innovative solutions, security printing, printing of 3-Dimensional holograms, invisible inks, UV readable inks, Thermo chromic inks registered diagrams and multi-colored designs that helps create a distinctive brand identification and overt & covert anti –counterfeit solutions for the customer.